VRay Studio Tools PRO 1.35 – Free Update

Josef Blog Roll, VRay Studio Tools 41 Comments

A new update is now available for VRay Studio Tools PRO 1.3 , this compatibility update includes a number of fixes and changes made specifically for the latest VRayforC4D 1.8 .This update includes over 25 brand new Studio Setups and a new softbox that has far better gamma controls , the HDRI Sky rig now has been also updated to support VRay DR .

Clean Product Studio Setup

Its available now for all current and new 1.3 users so make sure check your email today or over the next few days for a link , if you are a current 1.3 user and haven’t yet received an email the time you are viewing this post , please make sure to send us a request on the contact page .

*Note: DR is not yet fully supported with this version