New in VRayforc4d 1.8 – Hair , Fur and Cinema 4D Material support

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This week we look further more at the new features of VrayforC4D 1.8 , and talk about the native C4D on the flay material  conversion and the support for the hair and fur with the new Hair material , we also talk a little about the automatic link between the clipping options in the active Cinema 4D camera with the clipping options in the VRayforC4D camera settings .

Watch these tow new videos to learn how to setup Hair to be rendered with V-Ray and more .


The New VRayforC4D is much more accurate that the built in hair ( which is 2.5D based ) , and it is rendered as real 3D Geometry that can be effected by Area shadows, GI , depth of field and reflections/refractions .. it also takes very minimal amount of RAM even with larger hair counts because its treated as proxy in the render time .

you can learn more about the new V-Ray hair material at .