• Cinema-4D-Vray-Tools
Note : VRayforC4D 1.9 Features a built in convert option for C4D 2D Shaders ( for DR ) , some of the features of this plugin are no longer needed .

Cinema 4D Vray Tools v1.0

Cinema 4D Vray Tools will make you life easier by allowing you to create the new VRayforC4D 1.8 shaders
just as if they where Cinema 4D shaders , the new Convert tool also allows you to convert your old
projects with Cienma 4D shaders to get them ready for DR with the Standalone Vray Renderer

v1.0 features include

Vray Shader Mode:
You can work with Vray Shader the same way as with c4d shaders.
Drag&drop bitmaps from outside c4d or load them with Load Image, they get converted to AdvBitmaps automatically.
As you create Filter, Layer, Color, Fusion, Noise, Gradient, Fresnel, Tiles, and Checker Maps, they instantly become their Vray counterpart. For Filter, Layer and Fusion the previous shader becomes the subshader, just like with c4d shaders.
Also VrayColorCorrection gains Lightness and Brightness controls like c4d filter!

Vray Shader Convert:
Converts Filter, Layer, Color, Fusion, Noise, Gradient, Fresnel, Tiles, and Checker Maps to their Vray Shader counterparts as closely as possible.
Optionally it creates backup reference copies of converted materials .


Two preset files: Vray Effects and Vray Surfaces.
For quickly choosing every Vray Shader type. Also some shader settings have been optimized.

Vray DR check:
Checks materials for Vray Standalone incompatible shaders or material types.
Shows you what is wrong and selects those materials.


Make sure to read the included info , and hit that donate button and support the developer , the plugin is free , and you can download it here or on his website .