99 Frames 2015 By David Drayton & Richnosworthy

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Another great year and yet another fantastic teaser for the well known  99 Frames The social animation project which gathers talents and users of Cinema 4D to create a 3 second or 99 frames of animation for the competition . @Richnosworthy worked on this year’s fantastic teaser for the project and provided us an insight on the process with this great breakdown . …


Corona for Cinema 4D Review

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A few days ago a new renderer has made its way to our beloved software Cinema 4D . Corona renderer has been out for sometime now for other 3D packages and is being developed constantly to add new features and fixing bugs with each release and now its available for Cinema 4D , but what is Corona renderer ? Corona renderer …

VRayforC4D 1.9 Released

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After a few months of development and upon the release of VRayforC4D 1.8 , now comes an update to address a number of reported bugs and added or unlocked a number of new features . Whats New ? One of biggest changes to 1.9 ( and was the most consuming dev wise ) was the improvement of the object handling …