Maxon announces Cinema 4D Release 18

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The next edition of Cinema 4D is out of the bag!, Maxon has unveiled the new features for the upcoming release, some of the new features include : new Voronoi fracturing system, improved mograph tools, enhanced viewport and OpenGL, Substance Engine integration. More about Release 18 on Maxon.net


Everydays April 2016 roundup

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April has been packed new experiments with Forester for c4d in combination with octane scatter , i’ve always wanted a good solution to create organic life for my visualizations , forester seems to offer a solid ground for both trees and grass with it’s decent library of presets , these presets provide a good starting point to create realistic trees and …


Octane Studio Tools – new update.

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If you don’t know what Octane Studio Tools is , it’s a the octane edition of our Studio Tools pack which is  a collection of xpresso rigs , HDRI textures, and c4d scene files setup to create a realistic studio like renders right in c4d! , and also to help you work quicker when presented with a similar situation , we …