Frequently asked questions

How do I receive the download link?

When the payment is complete, you will be redirected to the download page. If that does not happen after a few seconds, please use the form below to contact us.

I can’t find the downloaded file, can I download again?

All download links are unique and temporary. You cannot use the same link again. Please contact us to receive a new download link.

I have changed my email

Type both your old and new email on the contact form and submit .

How do I Update from the VRay Studio Tools 1.2 ?

You can send us an email with the previous email you used to purchase the tools or just use this page to contact us and will provide instructions (additional details maybe needed) .

How Much does the upgrade from 1.2 costs ?

The update this time is will cost 25$ for all 1.2 (or previous) users  . we already sent  you an email about pricing and update info . if you haven’t  received the email feel free to contact us .

Is there a Multi-User License for the Studio Tools ?

Yes ,  we include a multi license for the Studio Tools and the VRay Studio Tools , its price is normally is up 3x the single user price and its ready for up to 6-12 machines . we need more details so if you need a multi -User License , please contact us .

Can I use the Studio HDRI Presets on other machines?

Sure Yes , you can use them with your team or firm members ( no multi-license required ) .

Is the Studio Tools PRO compatible with Cinema 4D Lite ?

No . the current version is not compatible with Cinema 4D *( C4D Lite is a mini Cinema 4D bundled with After Effects CC ) Lite but it will support CINEWARE with Cinema 4D *R14 Studio and above .

Am having problems with net render

You have to install any of our products on each machine on your render farm to avoid any missing files or issues.

Am missing textures with the Studio Tools

Make sure to follow the new install instructions included in the pack.

Am using a remote render farm

The Studio Tools do support remote render farms , make sure to include the textures by using a save project with assets command *before sending the project to the farm .

Looks good but not sure . do you provide a demo ?

While there is no demo out yet , we will provide a full working version for advanced users to try out , email us for more details .

Am having a different issue

Just email us and will provided free support . if you didn’t hear from us within 24 hours . try emailing us again or reach us on twitter or contact us via the Facebook page .

Contact Us

For support and updates, you can contact me on this page. Please allow at least 24 hours for a reply.


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