Everydays Jaunary 2016 Roundup

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For those of you following my on Twitter , you might have recently seen my take on the everyday project , its a small challenge that requires you to create an artwork everyday , as a change i decided to take this on to learn new tools such as Octane , Zbruash and 3DCoat.

Every time someone asks me how they can get better at something I always encourage them to start an ‘Everyday’. It forces me to focus my attention and obviously creating this volume of work challenges me creatively to keep putting out different looks.Mike Winkelman a.k.a Beeple

And to of course explore new ground and learn more about the tools within Cinema 4D , here is a roundup of the everydays made during January 2016 , you can also follow me on Twitter , Instagram and Facebook for daily updates.

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