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  1. Douglas

    Hi Josef, it would be great to see some lighting tutorials for some of these. Really nice quality and there isn’t much info when it comes to octane. Nice work.

  2. Philipp Kirchner

    Hey Josef!
    Nice to see that you are having fun with octane – in the meantime i am really pissed that you are not giving me my cash back nor deliver the studio tools pro for vray 3.4.
    Guys be aware: DONT buy Studio tools – it will crash cause it is made for older vray versions so basically the tools are useless when you are having vray 3.4

    Well, dont you think it would be fair if you at least write a warning on your website for that? Or am i the only idiot who doesnt knew that the tools were’nt ready yet?

    1. Post

      Good day Philipp , i’m sorry i have not been able to get to your request, if you have already sent an email with a refund request, you will be refunded immediately.

      I have updated the page with information regarding Vray 3.4 and will be adding a new request refund option on the contact page, these will now have a high priority.

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