MAXON Cinema 4D R15 Announced

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Maxon just announced Cinema 4D R15 with huge improvements and list of changes .

Key Highlights of CINEMA 4D Release 15

Rendering Enhancements

R15 is packed with rendering improvements to achieve faster, higher-quality imagery. The new Team Render delivers quick control over an entire network to take advantage of all surplus processing power – either manually or automatically via Bonjour. Utilize an unlimited number of render nodes with CINEMA 4D Studio and 3 nodes with CINEMA 4D Visualize or Broadcast. Users can distribute the rendering of a single frame or complete animation directly within the CINEMA 4D interface and view the results in real-time within CINEMA 4D’s Picture Viewer for a streamlined workflow.
On the quality side, a new irradiance caching algorithm for faster approximation of Global Illumination and improved ambient occlusion, physical rendering and multi-threading features in R15 has been added offering artists unprecedented rendering performance.


Modeling Enhancements and New Bevel Tool

MAXON has enhanced modeling productivity in CINEMA 4D, introducing all-new interactive beveling for improved manipulation and control over object edges and curves for adding depth and dimension to designs and ensure that resulting meshes are clean and flow correctly.

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