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Lucid Architecture – “Exterior” Part One

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A few weeks back , i drew a sketch of a house that i’ve been into to dreaming , its was a strange experience since i don’t Lucid Dream that often . but the one thing i really liked about that dream was the house the i was in , its difficult to explain how things look like , but with a simple sketch shortly after i realize i was awake , i was able to visualize this using what i knew as a 3d artist , i cant say that the exterior part looks exactly the same thing i saw but the interior part is very close .

The point of this project was to study more about architecture as a non architect , because generally i find architecture a very intersting thing . and of course it is also to practice and enhance my c4d-vray skills and also get to share things i learned with everyone else . hopefully this will be a continuous project meaning that am going to continue to work on it to make it as good as it could get ,also am aiming for animation short for this project

This first part is about the exterior , and the second is going to be about the interior and maybe other parts later for other ideas

All renders are made using Cinema 4D for the modeling , texturing and V-Ray for Lighting and Rendering .Color corrected using After Effects and Photoshop , here are the main shots ( Click the image to enlarge to full HD or right mouse click > open in a new tap )

Final_Fianl_DOF (1) copy

Final_Fianl_DOF (2) copy

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Even Space Interior – an Instagram Combo

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3 Days ago i saw a nice sketch on my instagram feed from a graphic designer who likes to draw and sketch . i thought it would be fun  to bring the sketch to life by making a 3d visualization out of it . although i did the modeling of the room and the closet with the books from Models Pack 3 , the rest ( the bed , the desk chair and the macbook ) where models i got from here and there .

Interior 8

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