Quick tip #5 – That one click VRay Material

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If you use VRayforC4D on daily basis (specially with Cinema 4D R13-14) , you must find it annoying going thro 3 menus to create a single material , unlike the c4d material where you can create one with double clicking in the empty space within the material manager .

Guys at Aixsponza (back in 2009) have created some nice scripts that allow you to have this command as a script which then later you can dock it to your interface to create a VRay material , Head over to the VRayforC4D Support forums and get your copy of the scripts There ( Link ) and follow these basic steps on how to add them to the Create menu or simply drag them into your interface . in case you are not familiar on how to install these , these can be installed under your Cinema 4D root folder under library\scripts , you can also add them inside a separate folder .

After you install them , you are all set , all you have to do now is to add the scripts to the interface there are number of ways to do that ,here is one,

Step 1.Locate The Commands : this can be done by right clicking any where among the interface then select Customize Palettes

Step 2.Search and dock the scripts : the previous step will bring up the Customize Commands window , which you can type the name of the command in and then the icon of that command will show , you can type anything you want but now we are going to type VRay to call the new scripts

Now you can see the icons , simply drag and drop them somewhere in the interface , Done ! .Don’t forget to save your layout after you are done ( Window > Customization > Save Layout As ) .

There are also some other scripts out there as well but this what i use most of the the time , let me know what you prefer and don’t hesitate to ask anything