VRay Studio Tools 1.1 Information

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Hi. Today I’ll provide you with some more information about the update for VRay Studio Tools for Cinema 4D. Firstly, VRay Studio Tools 1.0 was a beta release and it was available at The Store (CINEMA TOOLS) for 2 and a half weeks. I have since removed the beta 1.0 & will release new Studio Tools with new features and bug fixes.The new update ( JB VRay StudioTools 1.1) comes with complete compatibility for most Cinema4D versions ( R11, R11.5, R12 & R13). It is compatibile with the current version of vrayforc4d, 1.2.6, and it will work future updates of vray (1.3 and 1.5), except for the presets which we will update for the users for free. This update comes with new tools like the HDRI tool, more Studio Setups (presets) and much more features and bug fixes. I will provide Video tutorials, that I will post on the blog, to help you get the most of the tools.The new update will not be free, but the price won’t be high, so don’t worry you well get your copy

Finally, I unfortunately don’t have a realease date but the tools are 95% ready and with the release Cinema4D R13 some is work needed to convent some scenes from R12 to R13. However the tools are going to be available ASAP.


And if you have any questions .. feel free to leave a comment here or by sending me a message using the Contact form.