Pool Caustics with VRayforC4D

In this new video tutorial we look at using the Houdini ocean toolkit to create some realistic caustics for a swimming for using VRayforC4D 1.8 with the new directional light option within the area light .

Render Result

SwimPool_Tut copy_out


Get HOT4D Here | Get the Project Files


  1. Fausta Germani


    Great tutorial! The only on web for explain this possibility with Vray 1.8 and Cinema 4D.
    JB n.1

  2. Nostakghia


    Nice tutorial, but, dude, resolution…

  3. Pikadon


    Awesome tut.
    So needed by myself and others. This helped me get over a major hurdle for a project.

  4. kamel


    Hey Josef
    I am really not sure how stable vrayforc4d is , especially for animation and also how quick it is ?
    could u give us a brief comparison between c4d physical renderer and vrayforc4d ?
    the simple question is why should I use vrayforc4d ?
    I heard so much buzz about how unstable vrayforc4d is ?
    do u think chaos group will eventually release an official vray version for cinema 4d ?
    should i start learning vrayforc4d ?

    So much questions , sorry ….

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