Quick tip #1 – Wrinkles with VRay displacement

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Hi everybody to this first quick tip .. and today’s quick tip is about wrinkles .. wrinkles are one of the most difficult parts when sculpting and it’s even more difficult to export a mesh with like trillion polygons to our scene .. so the solution is always .. displacement .. in our case in this tutorial is the wrinkles in this bed sheet and the  way to get this result you see  in the images is by using a square pattern of the wrinkles and then tile it around the  sheet
You can also tweak the texture in Photoshop to add some randomness by rotating and scaling the pattern (might effect depth in rendering)
This method is the best for this type of wrinkles if you really don’t have the time to model the whole sheet .. also you can apply this technique to any kinds of wrinkles for all types of cloth .. and I guess  there isn’t many wrinkles displacement maps out there so you might have to sculpt them manually using z-brush or any other sculpting software and then export the displacement textures
And this is about it and would love to see you your  comments if like this tip :)

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  1. Mic

    Hey Josef,

    nice tip ! Do you have another tip, how to map and scale the displacement material onto an object ? I always need to do testrenders to see, if the material is at the right place !

    Cheers and thanks,


  2. josef bsharah

    yes .. i well post more tips soon .. and to see the displace map in view port .. just make a new advanced material and copy the texture to it .. select the tag and place it or scale it as you want .. then replace the material in that tag with the displace material .. no need to render this way :)

  3. adildil

    can you make us a tutorial about amultipass in vray how to configure it and the compination inphotoshop

    1. Post

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