Quick tip #2 – VRay Material Previews

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Today i have another quick tip for you guys about extra  material Previews for vray materials .. if you download the free starter scene packs ( From here ) you should find in pack 2 folder named “extra Vray Materials previews with Arealight” .. all you have to do is to copy the files to you cinema 4d material previews folder and then you should see new material previews when you right click on the default sphere object in the material manger .. and you should have an ok machine to immediate feedback in the preview and it gets faster the more horse power you have :)

The best thing about the previews is that they are already LWF .. so this saves a lot of time when picking up colors and tweaking textures .. i hope like this little tip and have a nice day !

link to the thread http://forum.vrayforc4d.com/showthread.php?t=7625

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  1. antonis

    Hello, can you please give again a link for the material preview files because I can’t find them anywhere. Thanks in advance!

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