Refractives ( Test render )

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A test render for glasses using VRya studio tools 1.1 ( 2 Lights Studio Setup )

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  1. josef bsharah

    send an email at [email protected]

  2. kevin7

    why I render VRAY of Josefbsharah on Laptop core i7. 8 GB RAM. 1 frame = 15 min. Josefbsharah help me??

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      Josef Bsharah

      i would say thats not that bad , but it totally depends on the scene setup , render settings , lighting and materials , send a file over and lets see about optimizing it

      1. kevin7

        Josefbsharah perhaps setting very fast vray. I use material Render KIT and that render much slow. Vray Studio Setup 1.3 on Render very fast but not as good as Josefbsharah. Please, i will send a file for you

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  3. kevin7

    Very nice. But render animation very slow. I use core i7. 8 GB RAM. But render only to 2.8 GB RAM. But very slow

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