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3 Days ago i saw a nice sketch on my instagram feed from a graphic designer who likes to draw and sketch . i thought it would be fun  to bring the sketch to life by making a 3d visualization out of it . although i did the modeling of the room and the closet with the books from Models Pack 3 , the rest ( the bed , the desk chair and the macbook ) where models i got from here and there .

Interior 8

Interior 7

Interior 6

Interior 5

Interior 4

Interior 3

Interior 2

Interior 1

Description : For the rendering i used as always VRayforC4D , as for the lightning i  used the physical sky tool from the VRay Studio Tools to cast some sky-lighting from the window , and because it was not enough , had to place an area light out side of the window to cast some additional light into the room . finally the ies where placed on the ceiling to lighten up the room more





at the end i added the materials and used VRay fur for the rug under the bed , and did the post production in Photoshop and added some lens flares to the first image using filters .

let me know what you think about the render , all comments and critics are welcome .

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  1. Isael Feliciano

    Beautiful and thanks i’m gonna copy the trick of the area light in the window.
    Great job

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