V-RayforC4D 1.8 Features & Release date announced

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The most anticipated update for VRayforC4D was just announced , Its set to be released in this september/2013 .

This next update going to be for free for all current users as promised along with discount for the next VRayforC4D 2.0 , the long list of new features include :

  • New Distributed Rendering feature with unlimited CPU’s support
  • New full motion blur in Cinema 4D
  • All New Multipass system ( a complete rewrite )
  • New Vray physical BRDF Hair material ( a VRay 2.0 feature ! )
  • New V-Ray car paint material
  • All New V-Ray native shaders in Cinema 4D ( v-ray maya,max,xsi shaders )
  • All new V-Ray .vrscene system ( a very promising feature )

and many more .

Read the official information here 

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