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A new update is now available for VRay Studio Tools PRO 1.3 , this compatibility update includes a number of fixes and changes made specifically for the latest VRayforC4D 1.8 .This update includes over 25 brand new Studio Setups and a new softbox that has far better gamma controls , the HDRI Sky rig now has been also updated to support VRay DR .

Clean Product Studio Setup

Its available now for all current and new 1.3 users so make sure check your email today or over the next few days for a link , if you are a current 1.3 user and haven’t yet received an email the time you are viewing this post , please make sure to send us a request on the contact page .

*Note: DR is not yet fully supported with this version

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  1. Simon D

    You might wanna emphasize that DR is not available out of the box in this version. I was kind of disappointed to have to read about this in the changes log AFTER we bought the plugin.

    While being able to convert most textures with Fractality Vray tools, GI lights are sadly left incompatible with DR.

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    2. Sebastian

      I’ve just updated to vrayforc4d 1.9 which makes DR in combination with the studio tools possible! (just enable “Convert to C4D Bitmaps” and “Bake C4D 2D Shaders”)

  2. Yuri2017

    Just download and installed Vray Studio Tools 1.35. Every time I add your preset “Vray Phys Sky” from library and hit render C4D crashes. Is it a known issue? How to fix this? (I use Cinema 4D R15)

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      1. vidahell habacuc

        Hola Josef Bsharah soy de PERU necesito comprar VRay Studio Tools Pro me puedes dar un link de compra muchas gracias espero tu respuesta..

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  3. Andreas Kretschmeier


    I have Studio Tools Pro 1.3
    But I am not sure if I have the latest update 1.3.5; where can I see this?
    Now Vray (1.8.1) crashes very often…

    Thanks, Andreas.

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  4. Dick de Boer

    Hi Josef,
    i still uses Studiotool1.3 and since i’m using Vray 1.8 it crashes once and a while. How do i get the new 1.35 update? What do you need from me?

    kind regards, Dick de Boer

  5. pfx

    Hi Josef,
    It appears I also missed the V1.35 Update.
    My transaction Id for V1.3 is …

    ID: 0JA37136R0956804K

    Many Thanks

  6. joe

    on opening a studio its prompting, file not known/path, would this mean i have installed it incorrectly?

    1. Ricardo Torres

      I have the same issue. It doesn’t make a difference if I say yes or no to copying to the text folder. It still works but it’s an annoying prompt everytime I select a studio setup. Anyone else?

  7. Richard

    Hi, I have just emailed to get my free upgrade for Studio Tools for Vray 1.8 and C4D R15.

    Look forward to getting the updated product….

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