VRay Studio Tools PRO 1.38 – Free Update

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This new compatibility update brings support for VRayforC4D 1.9 , 3 new studio setup presets , and also adds a new V-Ray Softbox option . this new vray shader which has now been included in the sofbox rig ( also the reflection plane ) allows you to add more interesting lighting effects and reflections , with an easy to use gamma control to control the range of the shader , here is a comparison image between the normal softbox and the new VRay softbox shader


VRayforC4D 1.9 features and baking option for C4D which are used for some of the rigs for VRay Studio Tools when using Distributed Rendering , this means that now you can use any of the tools and presets with DR as long as you enable the baking option with VRayforC4D 1.9 .

This update is now available for all current and new 1.3 users so make sure check your email today or over the next few days for a link , if you are a current 1.3 user and haven’t yet received an email the time you are viewing this post , please make sure to send us a request on the contact page .

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  1. Mathias

    Hi Josef

    If I install the new Studio Tools, the content browser tells me, that I still have 1.3.5. Is this correct?
    Also the Lamborgini test file is rendering not like the one on your picture. Should it render the same?

    PS: Keep up the great work!

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      1. Mathias

        Hi Josef

        Thanks for your answer.

        I installed the one from the 1.3.8 folder, I even downloaded it again. If I open the browser I still get the Info that I have installed the 1.3.5 for vray 1.8.

  2. Chris

    Thank you for the upgrade. Looks awesome.

    However, my content browser still says “VRay Studio Tools 1.3 PRO”.
    But I tried the Lambo scene and the renderings looks exactly like your picture.

    (using vray 1.9, of course)

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  3. Daniel

    Mathias, can you share how you solve it/where you found the problem?
    Can’t get the Lamborgini test file to render like Josef image.


    1. Mathias

      Hi Daniel

      The simple solution was in the end, to re-download the whole Vray 1.9 package again and re-install it. I downloaded the 1.9 at the first moment it was available, and maybe during download or unzipping must have happened an error. I had no troubles with other scenes, so I thought that my Vray was working well, but since Josefs Lambo was not rendering right, I assume there was something corrupt.

  4. Yuri2017

    I just upgraded your Vray Stdusio Tools to version 1.3.8, but the tools settings do not seem to act on the lights. (Color intensity shadows and all other settings remain the same although I try to change them from softbox settings) What’s going on?

  5. Joseph Fagan

    Hi Josef,
    I have emailed you several times about needing to re-download V-Ray studio tools that I purchased from this site and so far I have gotten absolutely no response. Now I see there is a new free update that I did not receive a download link email about. Why can I not get any response from you about this issue?

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  6. Joseph Fagan

    Thanks you Josef for your help on this matter, you products are the best and I love using them. Although I still haven’t received the download link… my email could be slow ill keep checking.



  7. Sergey Dubrovskiy

    Joseph, I am thinking of buying the V-Ray studio tools PRO 1.3.8 for vray 1.9 but wheres the link?

  8. Fausto Melchiorre

    Hi i wanted just to thank you for you amazing work and also wanted to ask you about the settings for videos a part of your settings we should always do different passes to render animation? Also it will be possibile to have update studio pro and other updates for models pack? thanks so much and good job! cya

  9. Jochen Ulmer


    I installed the new 1.3.8 Release but at the Info it Shows 1.3.5. When I use the Standard Studio Setup it was nothing to see in the Render Window.



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