VRay Studio Tools 1.3 PRO

The VRay studio tools is a set of HDR lights , tools , studio presets and rigs for vray and cinema 4d , with the VRay studio tools you are able to create photo-real studio situations for product renderings and animations .

The New Features

The New VRay Studio Tools PRO has been made again from scratch, simpler and easier to use , ad yet can produce high quality renders in cinema 4d . we are introducing 15 new High dynamic range light textures photographed from real studio lights with different variations and high resolutions ( More than 3000px per texture ) for accurate lighting , reflections and shadows and more realism .

Studio HDRI Presets

All new Studio HDRI Presets are now bundled with studio tools as a free Product, with more than 94 Studio HDR files , now you have even more options to lighten your scenes . Not only you are to choose from these variations , the Standard lights from Studio Tools PRO have been included to create you own spherical HDR studios with Cinema 4D .

Ready to Render Studio Setups

Ready to Render Studio Setups

Updated Scenes

All 24 Built in studio presets have now been made again with proper real world scale and set by default to work gamma 2.2 with VRayforC4D

The Softbox

The new soft box is now much more optimized and provides better viewport visualization with intensity and color, real scale and size , easy switch between types , exposure option , gamma option , and now color/temp will override by default .

VRay Studio Tools 1.3
VRay Studio Tools 1.3
VRay Studio Tools 1.3
VRay Studio Tools 1.3

What’s included?

  • All of the main features
  • The Studio HDRI Presets ( Learn More )
  • Free compatibility Updates
  • Free Email Support
  • Previous version 1.2 ( for compatibility reasons )
  • New in v1.3.5 – 27 New Studio Setups
  • New in v1.3.5 – Support for VRayforC4D 1.8

System Requirements

  • CINEMA 4D *R12 and above ( Studio Recommended )
  • VRayforC4D
  • Compatible with windows and Mac

Main Features

  • 7 Tools for faster lighting with VRay ( With New Tools )
  • 15 HDR lights with different shapes ( New )
  • VRay Render presets for both stills and animations
  • 24 ready to use Studio Presets
  • 12 Static and adjustable Studio Stages ( New Stages )
  • Standard HDR lights
  • More Than 94 Studio HDRI Presets
  • Seamless Studio Presets for motion graphics
  • New Easy To Use interface scripts for faster workflow
  • Custom HDRI loader for instant Viewport feedback with VRay
  • Physical Sky Tool with Viewport visualization ( VRay , requires C4D Studio )
  • Baker Tool for custom HDR Environment creation ( New )
  • Bonus Cinema 4D Scenes

Quality and refunds

A wide group of experienced Cinema 4D artists have already used this tool its proven to save time and provide great quality .

However , if you are not so happy with this set of tools or product , we are ready to refund you instantly and we will still provide free support via email and regular discounts . Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact page for any question’s related to this product or any other product on this site .

Frequently asked Questions

Please visit the Support Page for more informations    

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