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VRay Studio Tools 1.3 PRO

Studio lightning tools for VRayforC4D

The VRay studio tools is a set of High Dynamic Range textures , tools , studio presets , and rigs for VRayforC4D , with the VRay Studio Tools PRO  you are able to create photo-real studio situations for product renderings and animations . Vray is very powerful render engine and with these tools you can achieve the highest quality possible within minutes .

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The New Features

The New VRay Studio Tools PRO has been made again from scratch, simpler and easier to use , and yet can produce high quality renders in Cinema 4D  , Not only that , but we are introducing 15 new High dynamic range light textures photographed from real studio lights with different variations and high resolutions ( More than 3000px per texture ) for accurate lighting , reflections and shadows and more realism . and thanks to the exposure range of theses textures you scale them as much as you want .

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50 Studio Setups

Studio Lightning can be time consuming and clients are constantly looking to quickly change the look of the project , that’s why we dedicated our time creating even more real-life studio situations to cut down on your time , these studios are very optimized and suited for various objects rendering such as Jewelry , vehicles , gadgets , and more . with the provided soft-boxes and tools you can also create your own presets in no time .

Seamless C4D integration

Every tools has been made with the user experience in mind , softboxes can provide very accurate c4d view-port visualization of vray lights in render time , and the HDRI tool allows you to see your texture in the view-port while the Physical sky tool uses C4D’s built in feature to provide a preview for VRay’s Physical Sky . all of this can save you tons of time when lighting using VRayforC4D


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Studio HDRI Presets

All new Studio HDRI Presets are now bundled with studio tools as a free Product, with more than 94 Studio HDR files , now you have even more options to lighten your scenes . Not only you are to choose from these variations , the Standard lights from Studio Tools PRO have been included to create you own spherical HDR studios with Cinema 4D .

What’s included?

  • All of the main features
  • The Studio HDRI Presets ( Learn More )
  • Free compatibility Updates
  • Free Email Support
  • Previous version 1.2 ( for compatibility reasons )
  • New in v1.3.5 – 27 New Studio Setups
  • New in v1.3.5 – Support for VRayforC4D 1.8
  • New in 1.3.8 – VRay Softbox Shader option

System Requirements

  • CINEMA 4D *R12 and above ( Studio Recommended )
  • VRayforC4D
  • Compatible with windows and Mac

Main Features

  • 7 Tools for faster lighting with VRay ( With New Tools )
  • 15 HDR lights with different shapes ( New )
  • VRay Render presets for both stills and animations
  • 24 ready to use Studio Presets
  • 12 Static and adjustable Studio Stages ( New Stages )
  • Standard HDR lights
  • More Than 94 Studio HDRI Presets
  • Seamless Studio Presets for motion graphics
  • New Easy To Use interface scripts for faster workflow
  • Custom HDRI loader for instant Viewport feedback with VRay
  • Physical Sky Tool with Viewport visualization ( VRay , requires C4D Studio )
  • Baker Tool for custom HDR Environment creation ( New )
  • Bonus Cinema 4D Scenes

Quality and refunds

A wide group of experienced Cinema 4D artists have already used this tool its proven to save time and provide great quality .

However , if you are not so happy with this set of tools or product , we are ready to refund you instantly and we will still provide free support via email and regular discounts . Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact page for any question’s related to this product or any other product on this site .

Frequently asked Questions

Please visit the Support Page for more information .