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  1. Anonymous

    This is an "instant buy" for me, really happy about you get these tools done !

    _but_ there is no paypal option and converted to euro i pay like 32$ (even without extended download option).

    No paypal, no deal .. sorry.

  2. josef bsharah

    Extended Download is not important Please Delete This option by clicking on the Recycle Bin icon next to it .. also there is a PayPal Option .. Down at there you well find a Drop down menu ( Payment type * ) select PayPal from there

  3. Anonymous

    can u show us a render for glass using this kit
    i bought GSGlight kit pro
    and iam having problems with rendering glass

  4. imran

    Help: When using a Studio Preset and save project with asset, asking for tex files and files not copying in tex folder. If save file c4d file somewhere and open it again and render it, a big list of texture error shows.

    Its happening with me need update….?


  5. josef bsharah

    normally .. you cant use the (Save) function .. save AS work great and saves the .c4d file only , the Save Project ALSO works fine and save the textures as well .. reinstall and see what happens

  6. josef bsharah

    i got the link and downloaded your file .. ( Please don't share links for scenes contain the tools again ) ..

    it seems all texture paths s are renamed .. i have to ask you to screen shot the tex folder ( in VRay Studio Tools 1.1 )

    Dose this happens with all presets (studio setups )?

    what OS are you using ?

  7. josef bsharah

    ok .. its conformed and thanks for reporting .. and well update soon these files (well send you an email) .. as a solution .. you can use other studio Setups (Studio Setups folder ) they should work fine or add new soft-boxes and replace with same sittings

  8. Edward

    Hi Josef.
    I purchased this one yesterday and I got the lib4d file form the link. But the Tex forder was not inclouded. Am I missing something or it just sould be in this way ? now I am using the V1.0 Tax folder and the V1.1 lib4d running R13,it shows I miss some textures from lighting any time I use this tools?
    Please let me know what should I do to solve this problem, thanks.

    By the way, this one is still a very good tools !!

  9. josef bsharah

    hi Edward .. yes you only get the .lib4d file (see video link above ) and it should work fine without that folder .. also its a good idea to Delete the older library and the old tex folder .. all textures should work fine (except for the last three scenes as said)

  10. Edward

    Hi Josef.
    I did what you recommend but still have the same issue. I am not sure it is because I am using the Chinese lamguage pack in C4D.

    The link below is some screenshots I took while the texture error shows up after I click the rendering button. some of them still able to render after I click yse but some of them do not.

    P.S.My operating system is Windows XP SP3

  11. Anonymous

    Probably a stupid question… I don't use VRay but this looks interesting and I have an old demo from a couple of years ago, would the tools work with this? Or do I need to buy VRay Thanks.

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