VRayforC4D 1.8 – Material ID’s and Object ID’s

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In this tutorial , we are going to use the VRay Multimatte to separate our objects by assigning different ID’s from the VRay materials and the composting tag for the objects .

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  1. Oliver

    Thanks a lot Josef

    One question: Do you know what the “consider for antialiasing” is for?
    You don’t turn it on here… but still your passes look smooth…
    So what is the difference when that setting is on or off?


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      1. Ozgur Atmaca

        Thanks for the reply. So there is no proper way of rendering on a transparent background inside c4d.
        That’s shame I think.

  2. Ben

    Great tutorial. I was having a hard time trying to figure this out and this explained it perfectly!


  3. Mark

    Can’t seem to render out material select or multimatte when using a blend material.

    Anyone else finding this issue?


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