New in VRayforC4D 1.8 – Better Multipass

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This time we are gonna go over the new V-Ray multipass manger and learn how to render our basic render elements along with some special elements such as ZDepth , and Ambient Occlusion using the new Dirt shader .

Part Two PSD file

Note : in part two , its not essential to keep the lightning layer in normal mode or change its order ( or any layer for that matter ) to the bottom of the layers , if you keep every layer in ( Add ) mode , they all should be added up together to replicate the render .


Correction : keep consider AA must be OFF on all layers , this would sample all layers separately instead of the final render .

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  1. Tudor Nedelcu

    There is another trick to get the distance from the camera for the Zdepth channel. Select the camera and use the focus distance from the object tab. if you move the dot from the center of the camera (in the top view) the distance will change. Did you tried that?

    Thanks for the helpful tutorials in the last few days. Keep it up.


    1. bas

      Yeah I was thinking the same as Tudor… The thing that goes wrong in the tutorial is that you paste the data of the entire sphere, whereas you need only half that size… You’d get the right z-depth pass then.

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        Josef Bsharah

        Thanks for tips both of you , i also hoped that ‘from camera’ option was working , the current controls are slightly limited than expected , compared to the way the c4d depth works

  2. Biige

    Hi Josef,

    Thanks for all the work and tus. Greatly appreciated! Can you do a quick tut or quick post about how to add Material IDs in the new Multipass system. It was flawless in the old VrayC4D, especially with the “Auto Material ID” Plugin (

    It seems the 1.8 update has changed that feature to using numbers instead of colors which I find strange. Even then, I cant seem to render an ID pass out. Thoughts?


  3. Alberto

    Great job and very interesting tutorial.
    But I’ve a question. Is it normal that the multi pass render (with just the same layers you have in your tutorial, except for the AO) is 20x more slower than single pass render?

      1. Alberto

        Indeed. I restarted C4D and everything worked fine. But I found another issue that maybe you can help me to fix. Enabling Multilayer rendering in C4D now result in a several time more bright final rendering (totally burned). I mean, just selecting the Multipass checkbox and the rendering is screwed (I didn’t even selected the levels in the Vray multipass manager. But even doing so is not resolving the glitch). Do you have any hint?

  4. Nico

    Hi Alberto,
    I do have the same “problem” with the different brightness in the renders.
    Multipass off: Good brightness and colors
    Multipass on: Everything changes. Brightness is to heavy.

    Why does the multipass change everything one has setup nicely?
    Is there a way to “fix” this?

    1. Post
  5. Billy

    I figured it out u have to turn off linear workflow in the c4d project settings! other wise is it doubling the gamma correction LWF once for c4d and again for Vray. Still dont understand why Mulipass activates the c4d gamma correction LWF

  6. David

    Very interesting toppic.
    I had the same problem with the overall brightness in the image. I was able to solve it with removing the LWF. But i still have the problem that with multipass on it takes endless to render. For a image that took without multipass 1hour, with multipass after 3hours only like 1/5 of the full picture was done. I didnt have the patience to wait untill it was done.
    I really have no idea WTF this should be. I used the same settings like in your tutorial. Do you have a idea how to solve it?

  7. Denver

    Thanks for this tutorial. But Vray 1.9 is different from 1.8 the Multipass tab is dissolved already!. Can you guide me using the real 1.9? Thanks in advance and this is very helpful btw.

  8. Paco Plaza

    After fallow the excellent tutorial comments I must add you shouldn’t turn the c4d lwf specially If you are working with vray multipass, instead check Adaptation only in the VrayBridge Color mapping tab, that will help to solve the over-bright image on the pictureviewer and surely the multipass will render without any issues at the same speed your scene renders without it. Cheers!

    1. Antonis

      I am working with Gamma Correction with multiplier/ inverse gamma / gamma = 1.1 / 1.2 / 1

      I even though i check the adoption only box, i still have this problem.

      So i have to make it right by applying and exposure adjustment layer in photoshop, but as you can imagine, this is not the “right” way of doing it…

      Any suggestions ?

      Thanks for your time.

      1. Antonis

        DIsabling LWF from project preferences, seems to work for me.

        1. It is not recommended from the official vrayforc4d forum

        2. This is not handy, especially when i want to change between 8bit and 32 bit render setting presets.

        Any suggestions ?

  9. Francisco

    Hello. This tutorial is super. really helps a lot. Thank you so much.

    But I have one question about the “Lights Channels Light Select – XXX”….

    How can I select a specific light? Like IES light for example?

    Best regards

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