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Welcome ! , after a few years now its time to update the website to a much better look and added the latest in the web along with better typography , the website is now much more mobile friendly and its easier to find your way around it, everything should be where its expected along with all the new things to come ,  we continue to work on it to finish off things and make it look and function better  , it is a work in progress so feel free to send us your feedback  and as always , enjoy your stay .

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  1. Denis

    Hi Josef,

    Congratulations on the new site. It looks great and is nice and fast. If I had to pick out one piece for you to think about – it would be the ‘weight’ of the ‘navigation’ font. I personally think that a ‘weight’ of ‘400’ (instead of the current font-weight: 800) would sit better in the overall design. The weight of the font is actually fighting with the logo for my attention.
    All in all though – I like the site.

    Best of luck man… well done.

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