Xpresso Floor Generator

With the Xpresso floor generator you can easly create random seamless floor blanks with various options via cinema 4d’s xpresso .

Watch the this review form thepixellab.net

See also this short video to get an idea on how to texture this using Body Paint UV manger ( use higher res textures for better quality )


Xpresso Floor Generator 1
Xpresso Floor Generator 2

Download xpresso floor generator for Cinema 4D R12+ (MoGraph required)

Floor Generator Download


  1. Fiorentin


    Hi! First thanks for an awesome plugin! Im wondering if its possible to assign board textures to the blanks, like in the floor generator for 3d studio (http://vrayart.com/wp/video-tutorial-2/3ds-max-floor-generator-free-plugin/)? So if i had 10 different board textures they could randomly be aligned to the blanks. Im working in c4d r13 and the latest version of vrayforc4d.


  2. hka


    Thx for the great plugin.

    Same question as fiorentin here :)
    Any news on that joseph?


  3. kreaktive


    I don’t have any questions, just wanted to say thanks, and great work.

    and… what was the other thing…..

    Ah yeah, great work!!

  4. Serg D


    when you get the floor you want, how to you make the floors mimic the object? example: a plane?

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