Xpresso Floor Generator

With the Xpresso floor generator you can easly create random seamless floor blanks with various options via cinema 4d’s xpresso .

Watch the this review form thepixellab.net

See also this short video to get an idea on how to texture this using Body Paint UV manger ( use higher res textures for better quality )


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Download xpresso floor generator for Cinema 4D R12+ (MoGraph required)

Floor Generator Download

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  1. Francesco

    Hi, great incredible work!!
    Only a question:
    Is it possible to increase the number of clone in a floor (standar setting is 3)

    Thanks alot.


  2. randa

    Can someone type in here a quick explanation how to texture this floor with individual textures for every floor plank (you can by those kind of textures) by using MoGrafh multishader or vray shader/multi?

  3. Pete

    Hey, Thanks for the great tool.
    Is there any way to integrate this as a plugin into C4D, like dragging the file into some of the C4D application folder ( like the lib4d file for the splines)? I don’t want to do something that might crash my application

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