Everydays April 2016 roundup

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April has been packed new experiments with Forester for c4d in combination with octane scatter , i’ve always wanted a good solution to create organic life for my visualizations , forester seems to offer a solid ground for both trees and grass with it’s decent library of presets , these presets provide a good starting point to create realistic trees and grass with tons of options to control the shape,age, and a lot of other attributes. All of these presets however come with default c4d materials so i often find myself converting them to octane materials and adding in some scattering to give them that translucent feel , i don’t mind this process at the moment since it’s forcing to learn more about how materials work in octane.

For this next month i would like to be more modeling focused , finding myself spending most the time on the daily to get the look of the render right but not much time to model and create objects and scenes , hopefully  i will reach a conformable point between learning octane render and modeling more.

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