Everydays April 2016 roundup

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April has been packed new experiments with Forester for c4d in combination with octane scatter , i’ve always wanted a good solution to create organic life for my visualizations , forester seems to offer a solid ground for both trees and grass with it’s decent library of presets , these presets provide a good starting point to create realistic trees and grass with tons of options to control the shape,age, and a lot of other attributes. All of these presets however come with default c4d materials so i often find myself converting them to octane materials and adding in some scattering to give them that translucent feel , i don’t mind this process at the moment since it’s forcing to learn more about how materials work in octane.

For this next month i would like to be more modeling focused , finding myself spending most the time on the daily to get the look of the render right but not much time to model and create objects and scenes , hopefully  i will reach a conformable point between learning octane render and modeling more.

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Octane Studio Tools – new update.

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If you don’t know what Octane Studio Tools is , it’s a the octane edition of our Studio Tools pack which is  a collection of xpresso rigs , HDRI textures, and c4d scene files setup to create a realistic studio like renders right in c4d! , and also to help you work quicker when presented with a similar situation , we released the octane edition a few months ago for free and we just updated it to make it fully functional again!

This quick update brings octane studio tools to v3 of octane render for Cinema 4D, at the time of this update , octane 3 is still in alpha but the tools should work as intended with the final release of v3 octane, however we will make sure to update the tools accordingly if any major changes occur upon release.

The tools will remain free as well so if you are using the new alpha octane c4d plugin, you can download them right now and start playing! , here is full list of changes made.

  • Changed the softbox controls so they now can be controlled better in the Attributes manager.
  • Improved the editor feedback of the softbox and HDRI tool.
  • Added an enable/disable to the softbox and HDRI tool.
  • Removed target softbox , normal softboxes can be easily assigned a custom target.
  • Disabled the camera imager settings on all studio setups (can be done via render settings).
  • Reset render settings to match most defaults on all studio setups.
  • Octane materials on stages now match default octane materials.
  • Fixed an overlapping issue on the box adjustable stage.
  • Fixed film offset mismatch (reset values to 0) on all studio setups.
  • Changed octane sliders to c4d float sliders (fixed for v3 octane only).
  • Updated fog defaults to match v3 defaults (applies to HDRI tool and sky helper).
  • New studio setups (experimental infinite setup added),updated older setups.
  • General improvements for quality and speed.

Click here to get Octane Studio Tools

There are no additional files to install , simply copy the library file to the content browser folder at your c4d install directory.

At the moment we are also working on a new edition for Corona render and a new update for VRay Studio Tools that’s coming with the next VRay update , would love to hear your thoughts on this update for octane , you can reach us on twitter or leave your comment in the comment section below.